Vision of TARHOKAR

Our country, Iran, is close to a serious crisis. In the wake of this crisis, several factors have been interacting in an increasing manner, the most important of them can be listed as unprecedented reduction in precipitation levels, lack of proper management of water resources, unplanned drainage and schemes, population growth, and the dispersion of population and industries.

Our team at TARHOKAR Company aims to play a crucial role in solving the country's water shortage through the provision of water recycling systems from sewage and the production of potable water from the sea. The company's goal is to propose affordable and beneficial solutions to provide new stable water resources, which is essential for the the industrial sector.

These new resources include recycled industrial and domestic wastewater as well as cheaply available seawater in the south and north of the country in large quantities.
A clear message from the scientific communities around the world, is that disposal of sewage into the nature, is a main pollutant of the groundwater resources, and a source of destruction to ecosystem of mother nature.
Our solutions combine a permanent source of clean water for industrial usage while preserving the environment by recycling the wastewater.

We believe that sewage recycling is a capital

Nowadays, with the advancement of modern wastewater treatment technologies and the development of knowledge in this field, it is possible to completely refine the sewage of any factory, polluting industry and human settlement in order to return the water to the production cycle.
Iran's geographical situation and availability of major seawater both in north south of the country provides an excellent opportunity to produce the potable water.

Of course, any investment in this field is a great contribution to the future of industry and environment in Iran and many other countries all around the globe. This is why we at TARHOKAR company are working on the most cost-effective way to design and produce a variety of seawater treatment to help our clients in their projects.