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TARHOKAR Engineering Company has begun its activities in the field of industrial and sanitary water and wastewater treatment systems for transferring pipelines and storage containers since 2001 and is proud to play a role in advancing the industrial goals of our beloved country environment with more than 7 years Good business experience.

The main goal of this company is to increment the quality of products and services and to update the knowledge and technologies used in the water and wastewater industry. Products and services of the TARHOKAR Company in the relation of water treatment systems include reverse osmosis (R.O in Industrial and sea water desalination, ultrafiltration, Nano filtration and water treatment by ion exchange method in industrial water treatment.

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The company designs and manufactures a variety of systems using methods such as electrical coagulation, Oil removal and biological treatment in the field of sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment.
Other products of this company are the design and implementation of a variety of water and wastewater pipelines, pumping stations and concrete and metal storage tanks in various sizes to meet the needs of industries and factories.


Perform the Projects

TARHOKAR Company carry out its project on the basis of its quality policy in four phases due to the importance of quality and speed in the implementation and delivery of company projects.
Compliance with the timetable along the preparation of all engineering documents and other necessary system requirements is carried out with the presence of experienced personnel and with the help of software engineering.
The stages of project implementation in the TARHOKAR Company are summarized in this way.

 First Phase: Basic Engineering

1. Monitoring the water, wastewater or sewage quality analysis
2. Monitoring the design process limiting points
3. Drawing the needful block diagram for the process and preparing the PFD document.

The second phase of design

1. Designing the demand case system based on basic knowledge
2. Draw P & ID map based on available diagram and initial design correction.
3. Mapping the equipment and material estimation, time and equipment which are needed to run.

The third Phase: equipping the workshop

1. Providing the equipment according to the duration and location of the project
2. Completing the applicable engineering drawings, such as  3D maps
3. Completing the implementation instructions, quality control and technical requirements
4. The fourth Phase: Implementing

The Four Phase: 

1. Providing the equipment which is needed to run the project
2. Control the Construction phase based on ISO instruction
3. Final Testing and launching the equipment and operations.

Partners Companies

Company Facilities

Now, the TARHOKAR engineering company is equipped with the constructing and manufacturing workshop, and all the sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment packages are formed in the metal structures at this workshop.
All stages of construction of metal constructions, coloring and sandblasting, assembling and installation of equipment, and final testing and inspection of these packages are under the supervision of experts of this company and are also in accordance with the standards of engineering.
Different types of industrial water treatment systems including reverse osmosis (RO), seawater desalination, ultrafiltration, resin Softener and Ion exchanger beds Of the company’s workshop for assembling and final testing and installing has been prepared.


TARHOKAR Company has succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate from DAS UK in parallel the improving the quality and providing better customer service.The ISO standard has had a positive impact on all the quality elements of the company and has had a good impact on improving the quality of the company’s products and services.

TARHOKAR Company has signed a cooperation agreement in order to take advantage of new knowledge and technologies about the water and wastewater industry, with the Hydroitalia company of Italy.This agreement was prepared to obtaining the technical consultations as well as the implementation of some water and wastewater treatment systems in Iran.

Another certification of the TARHOKAR Company, is ranking the contracting of facilities and equipment and water from the country’s planning and budget organization Is.