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TARHOKAR Engineering Company has begun its activities in the field of industrial and sanitary water and wastewater treatment systems for transferring pipelines and storage containers since 2001 and is proud to play a role in advancing the industrial goals of our beloved country environment with more than 7 years Good business experience.

The main goal of this company is to increment the quality of products and services and to update the knowledge and technologies used in the water and wastewater industry. Products and services of the TARHOKAR Company in the relation of water treatment systems include reverse osmosis (R.O in Industrial and sea water desalination, ultrafiltration, Nano filtration and water treatment by ion exchange method in industrial water treatment.
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Water Treatment

Industrial water desalination includes various methods such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration or resin hardening, which can provide industrial and drinking water for use.

Electrical Instrument

Instrumentation is a general term for measuring instruments that are used to show, measure and record physical values, so instrumentation, art and science is the use of equipment that works well and with the least error and …

Wastewater Treatment

The quantity and quality of industrial wastewater in different factories and industries are different on the base of the type and nature of production ….

Water Transmission Line

Transmission lines and water distribution networks are referred to as a set of facilities, including piping, fittings and valves which are designed to transfer …


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The company designs and manufactures a variety of systems using methods such as electrical coagulation, Oil removal and biological treatment in the field of sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment.

Our country, Iran, is close to a serious crisis. In the wake of this crisis, several factors have been interacting in an increasing manner, the most important of them can be listed as unprecedented reduction in precipitation levels, lack of proper management of water resources, unplanned drainage and schemes, population growth, and the dispersion of population and industries.

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